Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area

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ESC Rolls Out CARES Act Funding for SW Missouri residents

Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020

There are two items in the video we need to clarify:

1.  We do NOT have funding available for mortgage payments

2.  These funds are not part of the "City",  but are Federal funds from the Federal Government passed down through the Department of Social Services' Community Services Block Grant to local Community Action Agencies (Economic Security Corporation of SW Area).  

Click here for more detailed information or just call one of our offices and speak to an outreach worker.

  • For Jasper County, call or email: 417-781-0352 and ask for Belinda or Kelli
  • For Newton County,  call or email:  417-451-2206 and ask for Sally
  • For Barton County, call or email:  417-682-5591 and ask for Pam
  • For McDonald County, call or email:  417-845-6011 and ask for Gail