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HS/EHS Parents: Have Questions or Comments Regarding COVID 19?

Click on this link to email the Head Start/Early Head Start Director and ask questions, share thoughts, or give comments regarding COVID 19 and your child's enrollment in the program.  We will post answers to frequently asked questions and concerns below.

Email the Head Start/Early Head Start Director




Question #1:  I’m wanting to send my son to head start this year, what will be the restrictions and guidelines for them attending?

Answer from Director:  

  • All children will be temperature screened and we will also review the CDC screening questions with the parent before boarding the bus or entering the facility if parents drop-off.  
  • We will seat only one child per seat on the bus and run with the windows down whenever possible. 
  • All staff are screened upon arrival each day.
  • All staff will wear masks.
  • We will have reduced class sizes...approx 10 per class.
  • We already do frequent hand washing, but will also disinfect all frequently touched surfaces 2x per day.  
  • All children will have their own supplies and will be kept in their own groups in the building and on the playground.  
  • To reduce contamination risk, no visitors will be allowed in classrooms at this time. 
  • More of the day will be spent outside whenever weather permits.
  • Meals will not be served family style and children will be spaced throughout the room during meals.
  • We use CDC approved cleaning and disinfecting agents in our buildings. 

Question #2:  I have a curious question that I did not know if it was board related or just a question. when the schools shut down last year we did so as well although when the clearance for daycare to open we did not, I know there is a lot of fine lines everywhere but If the schools close could we be allowed to stay open if daycare are open ? I realize some would also depend on the area.

Answer from Director:

It's a great question.  When the schools shut down in the spring, we did too, based on the recommendation of the local health departments.  I think people believed it was keeping children safe and that it would keep the virus at bay.  For a while, it seemed like things were going well, but as you know, things got bad and the number of cases really increased.  

In the future, we will probably not just automatically close when the schools do, unless it is a state-wide order.  It will be a center by center decision, based on local coronavirus cases.   Also, when the schools are closed, it affects many of our employees who are unable to come to work because they need to care for their child. So, that is a consideration as well.  

I think most people thought the coronavirus would run its course in a couple of months.  Now, it seems like we will have to deal with it for a much longer time.  It is our goal to stay open as much as possible.  We will always follow the recommendations of the local health officials like we did when we shut down a couple of the  summer Head Start programs during the surge in cases in June and July.  At this point, even if there are short-term shutdowns due to cases in a center, we will reopen as soon as the health department allows.  

I know this is not a black and white answer and things seem to change quickly with the coronavirus situation.  But, we will stay open or reopen as soon as possible in the event of positive cases in a Head Start center.  

Letter from Directors (9.2.20) - See attachment

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